Carsten Beck (1968) is futurist and director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies with a passion for and focus on making trends and scenarios.

“The greatest blind spot is found amongst those who don’t have a future perspective built into their thinking. But primarily focus on today. As human beings we need to be ambidextrous” – Carsten Beck magazine scenario

Carsten Beck (1968)

Carsten Beck (1968) is a futurist and has worked at CIFS since 1990. Carsten is one of Denmark’s most-used speakers and futurists, with a passion for and focus on making megatrends and scenarios concrete and useful for all types of organisations. Carsten has worked with a diverse selection of organisational types and industries, including retail trade, the financial sector, telco, medicinal, municipalities, ministries, international organisations, and NGOs. Carsten has worked with scenarios and megatrends for companies and organisations in 30+ countries.

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